PGP in Project Management

A PGP in Project Management helps you responsibly plan, procure, execute, and complete a project within the restraints of time and budget.

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Accreditation / Approval

GISMA Business School, UPES



6 months



UPES-GISMA INR 1,25,000/- + GST
UPES-ON INR 75,000/- + GST



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January, April, July, October


Post Graduate Program in Project Management

Most projects are complicated and challenging. They demand a delicate balance between meeting user needs, confining to the allocated budget, optimizing resources, remaining within the scope, maintaining quality and completing within schedules. In short, project management is critical to your business's success.

A PGP in Project Management equips you with the skills required to allocate tasks, resources, and accountability effectively. It enables you to ensure that the issues of budget, time, and scope are not compromised. As a project manager, you can streamline activities, reduce potential hazards, and improve performance.


Key highlights

35 Professional Development Units (PDUs)


Dedicated academic & career advisor


24/7 online library & content access


Career essential programs


20+ interactive live sessions by industry experts & global faculty


Global peer-to-peer interaction enhancing exposure


Career prospects
  • Product Manager
  • Corporate Planning Manager
  • Risk and Compliance Manager
  • Project Analyst
Skills covered
  • Project modelling methods
  • Gantt Chart
  • Evaluation & monitoring techniques
  • PERT & CPM
  • MS Projects Project Planning
  • Financial Planning & Risk Management
  • Quality & Resource Management
  • HR management in Projects
  • Project feasibility assessment
  • Bachelor’s Degree with 50% or equivalent passing marks
  • Minimum 1 year of work experience
Selection process
  • Fill out the application form
  • Candidates are shortlisted based on professional experience and academic scores
  • An offer letter is sent to the selected candidates


Understanding Projects & Stakeholder Management

  • Understand the phases in the life cycle of projects and their significance
  • Appreciate the need for use of project management tools

Project selection

  • Identify and apply appropriate numeric & non-numeric selection models for project selection

Project Planning

  • Understand the various aspects involved in project management
  • Disintegrate the project into smaller tasks and work packages
  • Create and develop a responsibility matrix based on Work Break Structure
  • Develop a network schedule for a project and estimate the time for completion
  • Analyze Project Network and determine project completion time using CPM
  • Estimate the probability of project completion in a specific time
  • Plan for budget

Project Execution Control

  • Control Schedules, Costs, specifications or quality
  • Monitor both the cost and schedule of a project in financial terms

Project Auditing

  • Do continual and periodic verification of the project progress
  • Identify deviation from plans and take actions if required
  • Ability to audit a project and identify deviations

Project Termination

  • Understand the conditions warranting project termination
  • Process involved in terminating a project

Project Risk Management

  • Ability to identify potential risks in a project.
  • To categorize the project risks.
  • To define the strategies for managing the project risks.

Project Quality Management

  • Project Quality Management
  • Ability to interpret the results of the tools to monitor the quality.

Project Human Resource Management

  • Understand human issues in managing projects
  • Manage teams for achieving project objectives

Project Procurement Management

  • Identify the need for outsourcing
  • Plan the procurement
  • Understand the 3 R’s of procurement

Developments in Project Management

  • Understand the concept of critical chain in projects
  • Understand the application of MS Projects to manage the projects efficiently

Agile Project Management

  • Understand the dynamic nature of project planning and execution
  • Understand the concept of agile for software projects

Introduction to PMP

  • Understand the FAQs of PMP
  • Become confident to take PMP

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