Our Facilitator

 Sharad Mehra

Mr. Sharad Mehra

Sharad is a Corporate Strategist, Thought Leader and Futurist. He's passionate about transformative education and youth power.

Aligning academic altruistic mindset, new age reforms with business expansion and risk management analysis, have been a big learning, over last 24 years. Mapping disruptive technologies & markets, leading change management and driving innovative solutions are a part of his job. Strategy development and articulation, alignment towards common objectives and strong marketing, sales & product background have helped him become a seasoned chief executive. Sharad's open to off beat ideas, opinions and feedback.

That's why he prefers a transparent, consultative but decisive leadership style. He values people who break walls, and possess integrity, wit, empathy, and creative mindsets.

Sharad heads a team of trusted, highly motivated achievers with whom he chills over music, poetry and fun stuff. He's also a development coach, published writer & poet, chef and a sports fan. His personal motto is: Break walls and build bridges!Sharad is interested in collaborating with like minded leaders and transformers, across the globe.

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